Oslofjord - Case study

In 2013 Infligth Service AB contacted HF interior in order to assist developing a new tax free shop onboard the m/v Oslofjord operating between Sandefjord in Norway and Strömstad in Sweden.

HF Interior was not only contacted to construct and install tax-free shelving but also to provide their experience in how to design and construct marine, sustainable interiors. With HF interiors knowledge in practical marine details and fire regulations, a concept for furniture systems was developed.

Once the layout and concept was finalized HF interior produced constructions drawings for all the furniture system and a test section was produced in order to verify and evaluate the concept. After a few updates the entire furniture systems was produced and delivered to STX shipyard in Rauma, Finland where the installation was to be performed.

In February 2014 HF interior entered the emptied area of 1200sqm open space of steel deck and insulated bulkheads to start the interior refit. With more than 800m shelving of metal structure, fire approved laminates and hardwood edges, the tax-free shop carefully and systematic started to take form. Together with the interior crew HF interior provided electricians to install all the LED lighting that where going to light up the provision of fashion, candy and bottles.

After six weeks of intensive work the interior was ready for commercial use.

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